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Carpet Cleaning San Diego - Choosing the right Carpet Cleaning Company by CJ Frank.

carpet cleaning san diego

Carpet Cleaning in San Diego has really become very competitive.  When I started my Carpet Cleaning Service it was important to me to find out what customers liked about  my service vs other companies they tried.  I built my business around those things that customers liked.  Since I started my carpet cleaning company I have seen many companies come and go.  My thoughts back then are the same as today.  If you want to have a good Carpet Cleaning Service, its all about giving the best Service, Quality of the finished job, and offering real affordable prices.  Its about giving 200%, not 99% or 100%.  Every customer over the years, (the small job ones or the big job ones) all make up my Carpet Cleaning Business future.  So many companies today seem like they want to make the most profit they can on just one job, and they may seem to forget that its just as important to build a future with that customer.  Yes, Carpet Cleaning can be done by almost anyone.  But, truly having an experienced Carpet Cleaner that knows the difference between Enzymes, General Spotters, Carpet Detergents with different PH levels for different types of fabric and carpet will be more productive on getting spots and stains out, then someone who does not know about these cleaning agents.  Without the proper knowledge and experience spots can easily be turned into permanent stains, all by using the wrong type of cleaning agents


To continue to be competitive in the Carpet Cleaning Service Industry,  I know that people want an experienced Carpet Cleaning Company and a Carpet Cleaner that has the knowledge in choosing the right cleaning agents for the job.  I'am proud to be serving the San Diego area for over 30 years with that experience and knowledge.  And I know that when people are looking to find the right Carpet Cleaning Company, they want to choose a company with experience, a company that provides professional Carpet Cleaning at an affordable price and that will also deliver the Carpet Cleaning Results that they are looking for.  Make the Right Choice and call us today at 619-885-1021..

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning, San Diego has the experience, knowledge and affordable pricing your looking for.

With the 30 years experience in the Carpet Cleaning Service, our knowledge of the right Carpet Cleaning chemicals for troubled areas, and our pricing, we remain very competitive in our Industry.  We did not just get here by talking about what we can do, look at this video from our local Channel 8 news about our Company.  As an Independent Carpet Cleaning Company we have to work harder then the big Franchise companies, as our advertising budget is on a much smaller scale, so, when we provide our Carpet Cleaning Service we know that it has to speak for itself and be all that our customers expect.  Not only that, but take a look at some of our Carpet Cleaning - Specials and Microfiber Sofa Cleaning - Specials.  These are just great prices. And, not to forget about our fantastic pricing for your Tile and Grout Cleaning too.

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning San Diego gives you Free Quotes.

Call us at 619-885-1021 and get a free quote, or call us if you have any questions. Or look at our Specials for regular tract size homes, condos, or apartments to get pricing.  Custom built homes or custom large add on rooms slightly higher.

carpet cleaning san diego, the right choice carpet cleaning service